Acts of Kindness for the Holidays Acts of Kindness for the Holidays

For the holiday season, I want to give back by challenging myself to do one small act of kindness every day this month. I love the spirit of giving this time of year, but I realize that for most of us, this year will be tighter than usual. But monetary donations aren’t the only way to give back! We can also give back with our time or our kindness.


Want to join me? Here are some ideas, and most of them are completely free!


    • Help a neighbor by offering to pick up something they need at the grocery store next time you go food shopping.


        • Send a text to a friend you haven't talked to in a while to say you're thinking of them.


            • Volunteer at a community meal center.



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                Have a Covid-Friendly Thanksgiving Have a Covid-Friendly Thanksgiving

                Some of us are giving up our traditional big family meals for Thanksgiving this year. 2020 has been a real curveball, but if there’s one thing many of us have gained this year, it’s the ability to adapt and get creative. Social distancing doesn’t have to be boring. We can make our own fun with what we have. It’s been so uplifting to see how people around the world have found ways to be joyful, laugh, and celebrate all while keeping themselves and their communities safe.


                So instead of focusing on what we're missing, let’s turn our focus on what we can do to make Thanksgiving extra special this year. It’s kind of nice to try out some new traditions. Who knows, maybe some will stick way beyond the pandemic!


                1. Virtual family dinner. Sit down at the table to eat at the same time as...

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                7 Work from Home Essentials 7 Work from Home Essentials

                With so many of us still working home, it’s the perfect time to think about what we can do to make our work days more efficient. Working from home can be great—the flexibility, the ability to live in leggings, avoiding the commute—but it’s also really easy to fall into patterns of boredom, distraction, and isolation. Here are some work-from-home essentials to give you a fresh boost of motivation!


                1.Headphones. If you have kids, roommates, or your partner at home, you may want to invest in noise-cancelling headphones. It really helps to focus, and let’s be honest, avoid unnecessary arguments.


                2.Comfy clothes. We’re big fans of getting dressed for the day—it’s an important part of setting the tone for the day and feeling productive. However, who says it has to be constraining work attire? We wear these super soft IME leggings on the daily...

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                Cold and flu season is officially upon us. With the pandemic, it feels all the more important to do everything we can right now to care for our immune systems. I’ve been trying my best to adopt some healthy habits to give my immune system a boost, and I wanted to share some very simple things you can start doing right now.


                As an added bonus, I notice that when I do these things, I feel so much better in general. I have more energy and my mood improves. It’s a win-win!



                  1. Elderberry. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but I think it’s worth trying! I take it as a syrup every day, but they also exist in gummy form for those of us who can trust themselves to only eat the recommended dose. (They’re just too delicious!)


                      2. Exercise. Yes,...

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                      How To Boost Your Home Workout How To Boost Your Home Workout

                      Some of my favorite workouts are the ones I can do at home with no fancy equipment. I love sneaking in a quick workout that requires little to no set up (which also means no clean up)! Also, closet space is so precious that I don’t want to have to store more than I need.


                      Luckily, there are so many ways to get creative and use what you already have around the house to boost your workout. These are my 4 absolute favorites—and I bet you’ve never heard of the last one!


                      A Step Stool


                      A step stool is a jack-of-all-trades! It can be used for cardio when used as a step—just be sure you place it on a surface where it will not slip, like a yoga mat. It can be used for strength training, as well. Use it for calf raises so that your...

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                      How Strong is Your Fall Game? How Strong is Your Fall Game?

                      Don’t you just love the fall? Crisp morning air, crinkly leaves beneath your feet, and layered outfits—the best! Some of us are dealing with a new back-to-school normal this year, so I thought it’d be a perfect time to take our minds off the stress and have some good old fall fun!


                      Let’s play a fall game. Give yourself a point for every fall thing you've done so far!


                      1. Apple picking
                      2. Pumpkin picking
                      3. Pumpkin spice latte or coffee
                      4. Lit a candle
                      5. Wore a cozy sweater (give yourself a bonus point if an IME tee was your base layer!)
                      6. Carved or decorated a pumpkin
                      7. Drank a pumpkin flavored beer, cocktail, or mocktail
                      8. Made pumpkin overnight oats
                      9. Worked out outside (give yourself a bonus point if you wore...

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